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Northern Tokes is a safe, innovative and welcoming environment. We believe that responsible cannabis use is a powerful means to empower your well-being. Whether you need to rejuvenate, innovate or take a break, we have the products, knowledge and tech to help you make informed decisions.

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  • Can I consume cannabis in public?

    There’s no one size fits all when consuming cannabis products in public, due to Canadian law having different regulations in accordance with the province or territory. Beyond private residences, the smoking of cannabis is permitted in the majority of outdoor public spaces, such as parks and sidewalks in Canada, however, this varies depending on the province. To avoid breaking any laws, you should check whether smoking cannabis is illegal in public within your province.

  • What’s the legal age to purchase and consume cannabis?

    Recreational cannabis use is legal nationwide, but the legal age to purchase cannabis varies by province and territory. To purchase cannabis in Oshawa and Scarborough, you must be aged 18 and over. If you want to purchase and consume cannabis in any other area of Canada, you must be legally over 19 years of age.

  • How much cannabis can I legally possess at one time?

    According to Canadian law, you’re entitled to possess up to a 30-day supply of dried cannabis or its equivalent. The maximum amount that you’re able to possess at one time will be based on what your health care practitioner has recommended and cannot exceed an amount of 150 grams, as set by the regulations. If you want to grow cannabis at home, growers must not exceed 5 plants, and seeds must be purchased from a legal retailer.

  • Where can I buy cannabis?

    You can purchase recreational cannabis from a legal cannabis retailer, or order online from Northern Tokes. With friendly staff, a welcoming in-store shopping experience, exclusive access to NT club, affordable pricing, unmatched customer support, Northern Tokes is Canada’s best cannabis retailer. Check out your local store in cities like Oshawa and Scarborough. In addition to cannabis, we also sell the largest selection of high-quality cannabis accessories of any retailer.

  • Can I buy weed online? Are there online weed dispensaries in Canada?

    Yes! Northern Tokes is your best online dispensary. At Northern Tokes, you can buy weed online and pick it up in store. Check out our full catalogue here to find what’s available in your region. Need help with your first order? Feel free to call your local store.

  • What types of cannabis products can I buy?

    Cannabis plants come in a variety of strains and types. Cannabis types include indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, and have different effects, scents, and flavours. Looking to elevate your cannabis experience? In addition to the country’s widest variety of THC and CBD cannabis strains, we also sell a range of cannabis formats, including CBD oil tinctures, concentrates like shatter or live resin, vape carts, topicals, pre-rolls, and edibles.

Heidy Boonzaaijer

Absolutely one of my favorite places to shop, the store is bright and clean, the staff are fast, very friendly and know their product.. and the product is very good quality with good prices😊.. Highly recommend it to give it a visit and see for yourself .

Kacey Rafferty

Amazing service and such great staff. I just recently started coming here and Jaime always makes the experience extraordinary. If you haven’t been yet, this place is the one dispensary that doesn’t feel like they’re just trying to empty your pockets. I love the chill vibes!

Jake Dexter

This is a pretty nice place. I've shopped here a few times now and have always had a pleasant experience; the staff are knowledgeable and super friendly. I find the location is quite convenient as well. I would definitely recommend checking them out.