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It’s our mission to provide you with a safe, educated, and convenient way to experience cannabis. Responsible cannabis use is a powerful means to relax, create, and innovate. Our friendly and knowledgeable budtenders take great pride in helping you select the right products.

Our Vision

Northern Tokes is a highly curated cannabis dispensary that has a passion for improving people’s lives by being open, reducing stigma, and bringing awareness towards cannabis and cannabinoid- based consumer products. Our ultimate goal is to win the hearts and minds of our customers by providing them with true northern hospitality.

Dispensary Shop

At Northern Tokes, we’ve got more than just weed; we’re talking bongs, pipes, vapes, edibles and anything else a smoker could ever want. There’s nothing like walking into Northern Tokes and browsing our walls of stunning products from brands like 5 Points, Good Supply, Foray and many more.

We Value Your Time

Why waste time shopping around? At Northern Tokes, we pride ourselves on our highly curated, rotating menu. This means you’ll always have something fresh and exciting to experience. Our budtenders are always willing to help guide you to your next high. Whether you’re looking for something new, or returning for a favorite, let us do the work for you.


We are very focused and responsible about the legal environment and the people around us. We have established our core values around our TRIPLE E’s.

We know the importance of exploration. Just like we love to explore endless possibilities in cannabis, we have also developed unique exploring techniques in our stores. The idea is to give our customers the satisfaction of exploring multiple products before finalizing the best suitable ones.

Curiosity is a natural part of humanity and here at Northern Tokes, we value that curiosity and exploration. With the aid of our Budtenders, we will help you peruse the possibilities of choice and curiosity to get what you were looking for.

We highly value educating our customers on cannabis and related products. Therefore, we have selected the best budtenders and managers who can help customers make informed decisions.

Through our knowledgeable budtenders, we will strive to answer any and all questions that may arise in the day-to-day life at the store. We want our customers to be happy and make the most informed of decisions. that they remain satisfied with our quality products and selection, as well as our ‘Above and Beyond”  customer service ethic.

Together with exploring and educating people, our goal is to create a very unique experience for our customers. We want to ensure that our customers take pride in the products they buy,  that they remain satisfied with our quality products and selection, as well as our ‘Above and Beyond”  customer service ethic.

We know that everything has different tastes and feels so we value what you went through with each product. We kindly ask that you share those experiences with us just as we share our experiences with you when educating about our strands.